Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Guest writer - Classroom Rules

I havent done this before but I was sent this story by a writer called Meetthepressure. See link below for imagefap profile. It was a good read and is similar to what I write so I think you guys will like it. Give it a go and post what you think (respectfully) at the end.


“Ok class, settle down.”

The students took their seats and sized up their new teacher.

“Welcome everyone.  It’s good to see you all.  Now I noticed a couple of you were late and a few of you aren’t fully paying attention.  I’m only going to say this once.  I will not tolerate outbursts, disruptions, disrespect or other behavior that interferes with the learning environment. If you can’t control yourself, you’ll be severely punished.”

Students were not sure what to make of this threat, but quickly settled down.

“So you know I’m serious, I need a volunteer.”

Students look at each other inquisitively.

Connor pipes up: “For what?”

“To demonstrate the punishment for breaking the rules.”


“Come up here Connor.”

Connor hesitated.


Connor lept to his feet and slowly walked to the front of the classroom.

“Very good. Thank you for complying. Now listen up class, I expect your very best behavior and participation. If you fail, then I will severely punish you. I will demonstrate on Connor one possible punishment.

Connor stood nervously in front of his 19 classmates as he listened to the teacher. The teacher now had everyone’s undivided attention.

“Good. Now Connor, remove all your clothes.”

Connor’s mouth opened as the other students let out an audible gasp.

“Wha… what?”

“I said remove all of your clothes and stand here naked.”

“But .. I can’t do that!” he replied with some defiance.

“Are you disobeying me Connor?”

Connor didn’t answer.

“This is what I’m talking about class. Disobedience. It will not be tolerated. Not only will I demonstrate punishment on Connor, but it will be especially harsh.  Now get on with it mister.”

Connor looked in disbelief at the eyes staring back at him, hoping beyond all hope that this was a horrible nightmare or that maybe someone would come to his defense.  Unfortunately for him, it was very much real and no one would help him.

“I will not tell you again.”

Connor resigned to his fate and began disrobing.  Not an eye blinked as Connor first kicked off his shoes and socks and then removed his t-shirt. It was a warm day, so only shorts and underwear remained.  He didn’t wear a belt so the shorts slipped down effortlessly.

Connor couldn’t look at the students as he placed his thumbs inside his boxer briefs and dropped them to the floor.  Another gasp escaped his fellow students’ mouths as they took in his naked body.  Connor’s face flushed at the embarrassment of being naked in front of so many people, but he knew somehow he had to obey the teacher.

He started to cover his genitals with his hand, but figured that would not be welcome, so he kept them at his side.

“Very good, Connor. I see that everyone has a good view. As I said before, I expect your obedience during class and during punishment. You will accept everything I am about to do to you without question or hesitation.  Do you understand?”

Connor turned to face the teacher. “Yes.”

“Good. Your punishment will involve torturing your testicles.  I was just planning to torture them for a while so your classmates knew what I might do if they break the rules, but since you disobeyed me, I am going to make this demonstration an actual punishment and I am going to be especially brutal.”

Connor’s heart was racing and his breathing was crazy fast. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing as he hung on his teacher’s every words.

“I am going to repeatedly kick you in the testicles, then I’m going to crush them in my hands and then I’m going to put you on the desk and drive long, thick nails through them and into the desktop. After that, I’ll evaluate and decide if your punishment is over or if you deserve more. Do you agree with this punishment?”

Connor again looked around for help. The only responses he saw were a few of the females nodding their heads yes, almost encouraging him to say yes.   He quickly considered running out of the room, which he just as quickly dismissed. He ultimately realized he had no choice and would accept his fate. In fact, he hoped to curry favor by going further.

“I accept this punishment as fair for disobeying you. It’s also right for everyone here to see what happens if they disobey in class. In fact, if you want to make my punishment worse, I am ok with that.”

“That’s good to hear Connor. After I nail your swollen testicles to the desk, we’ll see about further punishment.  Now stand straight up, spread your legs and put your hands behind your back.”

Connor did as instructed.  The warm day caused his ample testicles to hang low.  The teacher stood in front of Connor and grasped his balls.

“I enjoy torturing large testicles and these will experience a very brutal treatment.  I will start with 50 full-force kicks, all of which I expect you to remain standing for. As you can see, these black boots are solid and will cause serious pain and injury to your testicles.”

“I understand.”

“Are you ready to accept your punishment?”

“Yes, I am.”

The teacher got into position, reared back and delivered the first full-force kick, striking both testicles dead on.


“UMPF!” but Connor remained standing with his hands clenched behind his back.


Five quick-succession kicks almost dropped Connor to the floor, but he somehow managed to stay upright. Each devastating kick slammed his balls directly into his pelvis. His classmates, male and female alike, looked upon him in a combination of awe, pity and desire.  Many of his female classmates wished they were the ones delivering crushing testicular torture.  Some of the guys rubbed themselves, not necessarily wishing they were in Connor’s place, but because the whole situation was weirdly erotic.


And so it went.  The teacher delivered kick after powerful kick, delivering full-force strikes that bruised and tenderized Connor’s large, low-hanging balls.  Indeed, the kicks were brutal and damage would occur if continued at this ferocity.

At the halfway point, Connor’s body was sweating and his face clearly showed a guy in serious pain.

“That’s 25 kicks. Tell me and the class how you feel.”

“It hurts really bad.  The pain goes all the way into my abdomen.”

“Do you regret agreeing to this punishment?”

“No I don’t. I deserve more.”  A couple classmates snickered at this admission, but Connor didn’t hear them. He all but tuned out the class as he focused on the teacher’s every word.

“Yes, you do Connor and I am happy to see you accept what’s due. Are you ready to continue?”

“Yes, please.”

The teacher lined up again and delivered the most violent kick yet.  


This one impacted both testicles dead on and the follow-through lifted Connor off the ground.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” Connor screamed as he collapsed to the floor clutching his battered nuts.  He quickly realized the mistake and scrambled to get up, despite the agony he was in.

“I’m … I’m sorry.  Uhh I shouldn’t have fallen.”

“No, Connor, you shouldn’t have.  I will add 5 kicks to your punishment before moving on.”

“Thank you.”

The teacher delivered kick after brutalizing kick.  Twice more Connor dropped to the ground, extending his kick total to 65.  He took them all without complaining and thanked the teacher for doing a good job.

“As you can see class, Connor’s balls are swollen, bruised and there’s probably some internal damage. It will take at least a week to heal, but I’m not done with his punishment.  Connor, tell everyone how your testicles feel now.”

For the first time since this began, Connor made eye contact with his classmates. His labored breathing and defeated body clearly showed how much he was suffering, but he did his part and attempted to put that suffering into words.

“It hurts so bad. Like you can’t even imagine the raw pain running through my testicles, through my abdomen and into everywhere else. It’s like lightning strikes to my balls that just won’t quit. But …” Connor let his words linger.

“But what?” asked the teacher.

“But ... “ Connor’s face flushed a bit, “but I deserved this and all this pain almost feels right. I know I deserved to be punished and that there’s more coming. If I think about that, it’s not so bad.”

“So you still accept everything that’s been done so far?”

“Oh yes. Like my balls are super sensitive and sore and any movement hurts, but I also know they’re about to get a lot more and I accept it.”

“I’m glad to hear it.  It’s important that you, and each of you, accept that if you deserve to be punished, that you take it like he is.  Now hop up on the desk, face the class and spread your legs wide.”

Connor did as instructed and his bloated, red testicles gently lay atop an ancient wooden desk that wasn’t going anywhere.

“For the next part of your punishment, I’m going to use my hands to crush your balls. This will further brutalize them and result in further damage.  This will really hurt you so I’m going to tie you up.  Is that ok?”

“Yes, it is. It’s probably a good idea so I don’t flop around or try to avoid what I deserve.”

The teacher dug into a backpack, retrieved four lengths of ropes and secured Connor’s four limbs wide apart and down the four desk legs.  Connor wasn’t going anywhere and his testicles were totally vulnerable for the continuing torture that awaited them.

“Are you ready for the punishment to continue?”

“Yes I am.  And thank you.”


The teacher stood to the side of the desk and secured Connor’s left testicle between a very powerful thumb and index finger.  Bearing down with power of a seasoned torturer, the teacher dug both digits deep into Connor's defenseless balls.

“AHHHHHHHH!” yelled Connor as his left testicle was so brutally compressed.  The teacher kept the grip in place for 30 seconds before letting up.  Without hesitation, the right testicle received the same treatment and Connor unleashed a worthy scream.

“That’s one crush per testicle.  Each will receive another 20.”

Connor sighed a bit. This was really going to hurt.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Connor nonstop on the 15th brutal crush on his left testicle.

“I felt something that time, Connor.  I think the walls of your testicle are starting to give way. We’re at the point now where your testicles are starting to experience serious injury.  If I kept this up, I would totally crush your balls and they would become mush.”

The teacher waited for Connor’s crying to subside and for him to stop pulling at the ropes.  Clearly restraining him was a good idea.

“You’re doing good Connor.  As I said earlier, you were going to experience brutal torture and that’s exactly what’s happening.  Tell us again how you feel now.”

“Ugh, oh my god, it hurts so bad. I can’t describe the constant agonizing throbbing running through my balls. And yeah, on that last crush, I felt something worse than before, almost like my testicle was collapsing. It’s so horrible.”

“Yes it is. Do you still deserve this and more?”

“Yea. Yea I do. I deserve this and it has to be bad.”

“Have you thought about one of your balls rupturing before?”

“Honestly, no.”

“But it’s a real chance now.  They can’t take much more.”

Connor stared at the ceiling. “I know.”

“Do you accept that it may happen?”

Connor couldn’t answer. He just stared blindly straight up, trying to fight the mental horror coursing through his body.

“Don’t worry about that now. We’ll revisit it later.  For now, you have 4 more crushes to endure. Are you ready?”

Connor snapped out of it, “Yes, I am.”

Each subsequent crush on his left ball hurt like hell. The weakened testicle was taking a serious assault and the nerves were on fire.  By the final crush, the right testicle started to lose some of its integrity as well, eliciting another guttural “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” from its owner.

The students couldn’t believe their eyes. All this misery was first supposed to be a demonstration of punishments, but turned into an actual punishment simply because Connor initially refused to get naked.  The brutality for such a small offense was remarkable, but here they were - it was really happening.

“You did well Connor.  As you heard by his last scream, his right testicle is now in the same vulnerable state as his left.  They’ve both experienced real injury and obviously can’t take a ton of further abuse.  Only one more punishment is prescribed for your disobedience and that’s to drive thick, long nails through your balls. Anything to add before I continue?”

Connor’s sweaty body was breathing heavy as his head moved to make eye contact with the teacher. “I … I just want to thank you for the punishment. I was disobedient and deserved to be punished. I also deserve to be punished hard not only for what I did, but so everyone can see what might happen to them.  Thank you for being so brutal.”

The teacher reached back into the backpack and retrieved a pair of nails and a hammer. Tied to the desk as he was, Conner couldn’t initially see what the teacher held, but the audible gasps from the classmates meant this couldn’t be good.  The teacher walked around to each seat, giving students a close-up view of the nails. Each stared in amazement, especially the guys who couldn’t believe something that big was about go into Connor’s balls.

When the teacher finished making rounds with the nails, Connor got his first look at them.  The teacher held them directly above Connor’s eyes.  He inhaled deeply and slowly let it out.  Each nail was about 6” long and ¼” thick.  

“As you can see, these nails are ideal for punishment. They’re thick enough that they’ll damage your testicles, but it’s not clear if they’ll permanently damage them. Since your testicles are already injured, the probability of permanent damage is somewhat increased.  Are you ready for me to nail the first one through your left testicle?”

Connor hesitated a moment and ultimately responded “Yes I am. Please nail my balls to the desk.”

The teacher lined up the first menacing nail atop Connor’s left testicle, deliberately indenting the testicle meat.  The hammer was raised high as the class, and Connor, held their collective breaths. With the strength seen during the crushing punishment, the teacher brought the hammer down with sufficient force to drive the thick nail completely through Connor’s defenseless ball, lodging t into the wooden desk below.

“BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!” screamed Connor as the nail tore a hole through the center of his devastated left testicle.  Good thing the teacher tightened the ropes cause Conner went to town thrashing his body back and forth.

Not missing a beat, the teacher continued to drive the nail through his testicle, embedding it even further into the desk.  By the time the nailing was complete, two inches of the nail were embedded in the desk, leaving a couple inches in the air.

Connor screamed and cried for a solid two minutes before he settled down, but his fast breathing continued in earnest. Not giving Connor time to recover, the teacher placed the second nail over his right testicle, again indenting the flesh. Connor couldn’t watch. He closed his eyes, clenched his fists and curled his naked toes.

Hammer up and WHAM!

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” the most horrendous scream yet escaped Connor’s mouth.  He was in so much pain that his head repeatedly banged on the desk.  For their parts, the students were simply mesmerized at the brutality unfolding before them.  The teacher again drove the nail several more time before it was solidly embedded in the desk.

Indeed, neither of Connor’s seriously fucked up balls were going anywhere.

After several minutes, Connor gained his composure and opened his eyes.  He managed to raise his head enough to look down and see the two nail heads protruding above his stomach.  He couldn’t see his swollen balls, nor could he see them nailed to the desk below,.

“Students, it’s time for a break.  I’m going to leave Connor like this while you take 15.  Do NOT be late.”

The students nodded in understanding and none of them dared returning late. In fact, all would return well early.

When the students did return, the teacher silently removed the nails from Connor’s balls.  He screamed again, but nothing like when they were cruelly driven in.  Each quarter-inch hole leaked a mix of clear fluid and blood.

“Class, that concludes Connor’s punishment.  You witnessed what might happen if you act inappropriately within these walls. I encourage you not to test me. There are no three-strikes and you’re out.  Connor took his punishment well and his testicles will probably heal in time, but his suffering will continue for weeks, as it should.”  The teacher looked toward Connor, “Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“Wow. I don’t know where to begin.  I can’t believe this just happened, but I’ve been thinking and it was all fair and appropriate. I screwed up and deserved to be punished.  Thank you for punishing me and making it as bad as you did.”

“You’re welcome Connor.  Not everyone in this room would take it so well and I’m sure most would complain the whole time.”

“Yeah, prolly so.”  By this point, the restraints were removed and Connor sat on the edge of the desk that hosted his torture. He gently observed his seriously fucked up balls, careful to apply the lightest pressure.  The two nail holes were clearly visible, but what surprised him the most was the size of his balls. Both had grown at least twice their normal size from the abuse.

“What would you do if they kept complaining during their punishment?” Connor quietly asked as he slowly manipulated his balls in his right hand.

“Of course their punishment would be increased.”

Connor continues his downward gaze at his mangled testicles, completely ignoring the students.  After a long pause, he spoke up again.

“Maybe .. maybe you can torture me more so they can see what continued disobedience would be like.”

What the hell did he just say? His almost hypnotic state was seriously causing him to not think straight.

Not missing a beat, the teacher responded “That’s a very generous offer, Connor. Do you know what I’d do next?”

“No, not really.”

“Punishment for continued disobedience is total destruction of your testicles. In other words, I will torture your balls until they are both ruptured and continue torturing them so there’s nothing left. It is the most brutal, final punishment I can deliver.”

Connor gulped.

“So I ask you again, are you sure you want to give up being a male and your reproductive future? Your punishment is complete so you don’t have to do this, but it would be a good lesson for the class.”

“I .. yeah it would be good for them to see.  How .. how will you destroy them?”

“Well, Connor, I will start by cutting away your scrotum until both of your testicles are completely exposed.  I will let everyone here come up and see what raw, naked testicles look like. I will then drive 5 thick, barbed nails into each testicle. These nails are the sadistic mate to the straight nails i used earlier. Each nail is lined with serrated edges that will tear your testicle flesh as they’re driven into you.

“Once all the nails are in, I will use this small torch to heat each nail until the center of your balls are cooked.  Over the course of a couple hours, your balls will die in a most horrible and brutal manner.  You will feel everything.”

The class hung on every word and gasped at the utter brutality described in cold, unemotional detail by the teacher. Many of the guys moved their hands to protect their own balls while shaking their head back and forth. This was clearly too much. No lesson was worth so much suffering and giving up so much. Many of the females were also speechless, but some secretly wanted to see this spectacle unfold.

“Holy .. wow. That’s horrible,” replied Connor as he continued to gently cup his brutalized testicles.

“Yes it is, which is why you should not accept it. Because if you do, I will do everything I said and you will not be able to stop it once you have regrets and want out. So what’ll it be?”

“I don’t know. That’s like the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard. But part of me wants to do it. I don’t know why. It’s like I want to do the right thing and let everyone see what continued acting up will cost. But it’s also like I want you to feel happy. Would doing this please you?”

“I’m not gonna lie Connor, I enjoy castrating males through torture and few guys ever volunteer for it, especially when they hear the details.”

“That kinda makes me wanna go through with it.”

“Why is that?”

“To show I’m not a pu … uh, to show I’m brave.”

“You don’t have to be castrated to show your bravery. But I appreciate where you mind is going. So you want to go through with it?”

“I think so.”

“I need to hear you say it.”

“I … uh … ok.”

“That’s not good enough. Beg me what you want to happen.”

Connor gulped.

“I .. Please torture my balls until they’re destroyed.”

“Tell me how.”

“Ugh. By cutting off my scrotum and exposing my testicles. Then driving barbed nails through them. Then cooking them from the inside out.”  There, he said it.

“You’re a good student, Connor. What if I choose to alter what I do to you, or to make it worse, or to prolong your suffering?”

“You can do anything you want to my testicles, however bad you want, for as long as you want.”

“Very good.”  Connor let out a deep breath.  What did he just do?  The teacher laid Connor back down on the desk and resecured his four limbs to the desk’s legs. When complete, each limb was pulled wider and tighter than before. Somehow Connor’s bloated, red, bleeding balls looked even more vulnerable than before.

“Class, this is going to be a horrible end to Connor’s testicles. If you want to leave now, I understand.”

Everyone looked around, but no one budged.

“Ok, fair enough.  Just remember what Connor is sacrificing for you. You have witnessed the punishment for disobedience and acting up. You will soon witness the punishment for continued transgressions. Consider this your only warning.”

The teacher retrieved the necessary supply from the backpack, namely a pair of surgical scissors and 10 truly terrifying-looking nails.

“Connor, I’m now going to cut off your scrotum, revealing your exposed testicles. You’re truly doing a good thing here and I’m proud of you.”

Connor couldn’t help but smile a bit, even though he was still in considerable pain and he knew his balls were about to be history.

The teacher immediately set about cutting a small hole in Connor’s scrotum and continued, with a precision that might lead some to believe the teacher has done this before, to cut around the peripheral of the testicles.  This obviously hurt, but not near as bad as the previous direct assault on his testicles.

In 5 minutes, the deed was done and the teacher invited each student to come up and observe the results.  What lay before them was indeed impressive - a pair of white/grey testicles, bruised, bloody and quite swollen.  They were also misshapen, a clear sign that they suffered quite horribly at the teacher’s capable hands.

The teacher discarded Connor’s scrotum as the students inspected their classmate.  When they were all back in their seats, the teacher produced a single nail and showed it to Connor. As the nail approached, he slammed his eyes shut. He couldn’t look.

“Connor, open your eyes.”

He shook his head no.

“Connor, do not disobey me. You asked for this.”

He thought a moment and realized the teacher was right. He opened his eyes and saw the doom that awaited him.  The new nail was 6” long and a quarter-inch thick, just like the last one, but this time the entire length of the nail was covered in downward-pointing sharp metal barbs.

“These 25 or so barbs are solid and will tear apart the very core of your testicles. There will be no recovering once they do their work. Plus all those barbs will tear such a large area that the pain will be overwhelming. I’ve never been this brutal with a punishment before. I’ve only ever driven one of these in a testicle, but when you seemed interested in going on, I gave you a number that was so absurdly large that you would of course said no. But, for whatever reason, you didn’t. So I’ll drive all 10 of these things through your balls. There won’t be much left to burn when I’m done. You cannot imagine the pain you’re about to feel.”

The teacher looked at Connor, obviously awaiting a reply.

“I, I don’t know what to say.”

“You can start by reacting to the fact that you could have gotten away with just one of these per testicle, but now you’ll get 5 each.”

“It’s .. it’s fine. If you’re gonna show them what continued disobedience costs, it might as well be brutal. And I kinda think it’s cool that I’ll get what no one else ever has.”

“That is very true and brave of you Connor. Are you ready for the first one?”

“Yes I am.”

The one good thing about forcing 5 nails through each testicle was the swelling.  All 5 of these monsters might not have fit at the outset of this punishment session, but the nicely swollen testicles provided ample surface area.

The teacher placed the first barbed nail atop Connor’s left testicle, just to the side of the previous nail hole. The white naked testicle looked even more vulnerable than at any other time so far. His whole body flinched when the cold metal tip made contact with his most exposed flesh.


“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Connor as the nail ripped and tore its way through his doomed left testicle flesh. The nail barbs did their job and shredded a large chunk of ball flesh on their way into the desk.  A couple more pounds of the hammer and the first nail was in.

The second nail elicited the same reaction as the first, a truly horrifying sound echoing off the walls.

The teacher evenly spaced out the nails ensuring destruction was spread throughout the entire testicle.  By the time the fifth serrated nail was driven through Connor’s ball, it was beyond destroyed, but the nerves still functioned.  They sent wave after wave of nauseating agony searing through Connor’s young body. He felt every penetration, every shredded fiber of his once ample testicle.

By the conclusion of his left testicle’s destruction, Connor was a quivering mess.  The students couldn’t believe such devastation was possible and the teacher was quite pleased.

After Connor came to his senses in a few minutes, the teacher again promoted Connor for a reaction.

“Oh my God. I can’t even. Is it..?”

“Yes, your left testicle is demolished.  Unfortunately there’s really nothing left to burn.”

“Wow. I felt like everything. I could actually feel my testicle ripping apart.”

“Good. That’s what’s supposed to happen.”

“It was so bad.”

“Do you regret it?”

“No! I mean, no. It was the right thing to do.”

“Yes it was. Are you ready for your final destruction?”

“Ok, do it.”

One more time, the teacher lined up the cruel barbed nail atop his right testicle and drove it home with a hammer blow as hard as any delivered so far.”



The pain was just too much. Connor started convulsing and shaking on the wooden desk.  The teacher knew he didn’t have much longer before he passed out and there was no point torturing him then.

The teacher therefore delivered the last 4 nails in rapid succession, completing the destruction of the right testicle.  Connor was a legitimate mess. About half the surface area of his two bloated balls were shredded mush. Connor wasn’t completely unconscious, but he was definitely out of it.

Since there was really no use in burning his testicles to complete the destruction, the teacher dismissed the class, with a stern reminder to behave.  The class emptied leaving the teacher with Connor tied to the desk.

After several minutes he started to come around, groggy, wondering what happened.  Within moments, the pain soared through his nerves and onward to his brain, where he quickly remembered what happened.  While his balls were destroyed, the nerve endings were very much alive.  The teacher deliberately left the 10 nails fully embedded through his balls into the desk.

“Oh my God,” he sighed as he layer there a broken guy.

“You did well Connor.”

“Thank you. Is it done?”

“Almost. Your testicles are destroyed as requested. But the nails remain. I planned to burn what remained to finish your castration, but they’re already dead. Before I untie you, I’m going to cause you more pain.”

“More?” asked an exhausted Connor.

“Yeah, as I remove each nail, I’m going to twist it on the way out. Doing so will rip the remaining testicle meat.  Both testicles are already dead, but you can obviously still feel everything. As you can see, everyone’s gone.”

Connor looked around; he never noticed his classmates leaving.

“I’ll be honest Connor. I’m only causing you more pain because I want to. I enjoy seeing you suffer and you take it so well.”

Connor slowly nodded his head.

No more words were needed.

Over the next 15 minutes, the teacher removed the barbed nails in the most brutal fashion possible. Each nail slowly twisted on its way out, further terrorizing the poor testicles. Connor predictably screamed with each new insult, proof that the nerves in his testicles were very much alive.

By the end, Connor offered no resistence and just lay there as the teacher removed his bonds. The teacher had to help him to the seated position where he slowly opened his eyes to survey the damage.  There were no words for the sight before him.

“Well, Connor, I’m impressed. You did well.”

“Th .. thank you.  I’m happy you did this to me. The punishment was right and the further lesson was good for the class. I doubt anyone will act up now.”

The teacher helped clean up and dress Connor and drove him to the hospital where the medical team obviously could not save his testicles.

What a memorable start to the new year.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Justice in the forrest

Alex was a young man of 25 years of age. He kept fit, was average height and had brown hair. He was wearing shorts, a tee shirt and was carrying a backpack as he hiked along the trail. It was late morning and the sun was climbing high in the sky. Alex liked this forrest as it combined nice woodland with the stunning view of the cost.

All around pine trees surrounded him providing shade from the sun. As he walked he kept turning his head right to peer through the trees to catch glimpses of the sea. The path reached close enough to the shore that he could hear the waves crashing. It had been a long week and this was the idea way to relax.

After a time Alex paused for a drink. He rummaged around in his backpack to find his bottle. As he drank he admired the view of the sea. It was a great view but further down he could see a bay that looked amazing. I must check that out. He thought to himself. He had not walked this trail before but was glad he had decided to.

After a few minutes of walking he saw a woman ahead hammering a nail into a sign post. He was surprised to see all she was wearing was a skimpy bikini bottom but nothing else save some walking shoes. After she had hammered in the nail she put the hammer in a tool box before standing up. She looked shocked as she saw Alex who was not quite sure what to do.

Despite her shock she made no attempt to cover herself which Alex thought was odd. He could not help but look at her and soon saw she was very beautiful. She had deep brown hair with a very curvy figure. Her thighs were toned looking truly stunning and she had large, round breasts.

Looking directly at Alex she said “What you shouldn’t be here”

Not really sure what to do he responded “I’m not sure what you mean?”

She shook her head and walked over to him. As she walked her breasts bounced very provocatively catching his eye. She walked right up to him and said “No you shouldn’t this is the women’s only section of the nudist peninsular” 

It now made sense why she was wearing very little.

Trying not to look at her breasts as they pointed right at him he replied nervously “I’m sorry I didn’t know. I was just hiking the track”

Looking a little annoyed she asked “But when the path forked you walked left didn’t you?”

He nodded “Yeah I did but I had no idea men were not allowed here”

“So you didn’t see a sign then?” She asked him looking him in the eyes.

“No. Honestly I did not see one”

“Damn! It must have blown down in the storm. It’s only a small sign. We don’t get many hikers you see”

His situation started to make more sense to him. He responded “I’m very sorry miss. I could walk back and take the other trail. Sorry to have bothered you. I didn’t mean too”

She waved her hand dismissively causing her breasts to wobble in a way no man could have missed. “I know you didn’t mean to. The sign was not there”

“So shall I just walk back then?”

She shook her head and put her hands on her hips as she thought. “Sorry you’ll have to come with me. Even if the sign was not there you are still in an area where no men are allowed. The rules say your testicles must be punished.”

Shocked Alex proclaimed “What! Really?”

“I’m afraid so. The rules say any man who comes here must be punished. It does not mention the man facing a lesser punishment if him being here was an accident so you must face the full punishment to your testicles”

Looking at him she then asked “You have had your testicles tortured before haven’t you. You know about the rules?”

He nodded “Yes mam I have had them kicked before when I have been late for work”

“That’s good and you can call me Charley. What’s your name?”

“I’m Alex”

Charley put out her hand and after a seconds hesitation Alex did the same. He looked up from the hand shake to make eye contact with her. The pair gave a brief smile as their hands pulled away.
She said to him calmly “Right then I will need to make sure you are punished fully before you leave. I have a copy of the parks rules that you can check if you want to check the rules. I just want to treat you fairly and I have no anger towards you at all. But you have made a mistake so you must be punished. I hope you can see that”

It seemed a little unfair but it sounded like he had broken a rule so punishment was inevitable. Alex had supported the change in government and accepted his place in this world. He accepted Charley had a right to punish him and that he must obey her. But he was a little scared of what was to come.

He responded “I accept I have broken a rule and must be punished for that and punished however you decide. I’m sorry for this but I would like to say I did not do this deliberately”

She accepted what he said “I know it was an accident but unfortunately the punishment will not be lessened and must still go ahead. It’s a shame but you must still be punished. Also I will be selecting the most severe punishment available for you”

“It is a shame but in a way it’s lucky of us to run into each other or I may have walked through without being caught. It’s very fortunate you were here so now I can face the correct punishment for the crime”

“You’re right Alex. We should look on the positive side now I don’t want to punish you here on the track because others may walk by. Instead I have a small house close by where I can administer the punishment. Follow me”

 They started walking and as they approached the tool box Charley was using before Alex said “Let me carry that for you”

“Thanks Alex” Charley said with a smile. She liked that gesture.

Alex picked up the box and continued to follow Alex. As they walked through the forest she asked “How do you feel about having your testicles kicked as punishment?”

While breathing deeply he replied “Well….. It’s very painful…. But I suppose it has to be…. But it’s an effective way a woman can cause a man pain without it becoming too intimate…. Or that’s what Rachel at work who last kicked my testicles told…. Me”

“Interesting Alex. We’re getting close now and as you can see we are quite remote which is ideal for administering ballbustings. I find a man will cry out pretty loud especially if the session it a long one. Men will also scream if the testicles sustain injury which often happens”

“Injury?” He inquired with concern.

“Yes, many punishments require the testicles to sustain injury ranging from internal damage to full rupture of a testicle. Doing it out here means if a rupture is required I don’t need to worry about noise. You can’t ask a man to stay quiet as his balls are deliberately ruptured. But rupture is often needed as a punishment so we have to make accommodations”

Looking down he responded “I suppose so”

"That way when rupture is needed it can be done safely and privately" 

Walking along Alex felt uncomfortable with the silence and blurted out to break it.

“So Charley what made you take a job out here?”

She stopped turning back to him. “Well you see I used to punish men in an office but I was very limited with how must damage I could cause a man’s testicles. I took this job mainly because I can decide the punishment myself. You see rupturing testicles is kind of a hobby of mine so out here I get to do it all the time. I try to use rupture to punish men as much as possible so I get to enjoy my hobby”

Nervously he replied “O, OK”

“Sometimes I have to add a few crimes together to justify popping a testicle or both in most cases but that's easy to do. Then once I sentence the man the punishment is law. He then legally has to cooperate with me as he is punished regardless of whether he deserves it or not. There is nothing the male can so to stop me”

He said with some hesitation “Can’t a man ask for an appeal? Or request a trail?”

He was worried she would not like the question but she answered happily.

“Normally yes but out here there is no internet of phone signal. Because of this the male can’t call so he can’t appeal. The rules say a man has one hour to appeal but as he can’t he has to accept it. So I can sentence him to be castrated even for a small mistake but when I fill in the paperwork I note that he had opportunity to appeal. This means I can get away with rupturing a man’s balls and castrating him and I can’t be accused of being unfair to him. It’s the perfect system. Plus castration is a very effective punishment so it does benefit the man in a way”

Alex found himself strangely admiring her plan. It was very clever even if it was terrifying. “It is a very clever system. You should be proud of it”

“I am Alex. Glad you like it now let’s continue the cabin is just up this path”

They continued to walk through the forest and Alex could not help but stare at her body as they walked. Her curves captivated him.

A minute later they came to a clearing where there was a small wooden cabin. The cabin was made from logs with a brick chimney which had faint grey smoke rising from it. It suited its forest location pretty well. 

Charley pointed to a work bench and said “You can put the tools there and thank you for carrying them”

Alex put the box down and saw she was looking at a wooden frame. It was in the shape of and inverted Y and he soon realized what it was for. It was a frame that a man could be tied to so his testicles could be kicked. The frame was made from smooth, thick wooden logs that had the side the victim was to be tied too sanded flat. Then there were many black, leather straps to restrain the victim. He knew where he was going.

Charley saw he had noticed the frame “That’s the frame I use to carry out punishments. I found that as I was applying longer punishments men struggled to stand still as I kicked them. This made it harder to land kicks and ensure the punishments were done correctly. Standing still was hard for the man and aiming kicks was hard for me. So it’s easier on both of us if I tie the male victim to this frame”

Alex nodded as Charley continued. “I find testicle kicking to be very effective to both cause the testicle pain and damage so the frame is perfect. Also unfortunately in cases where a man needs to have a testicle ruptured then it’s impossible for him to stay still. Also the man will thrash about in pain and I like to use rupture as much as possible when punishing men so I needed a solution. In the end tying him to a frame like this is easier and safer for us both as well”

“I suppose being tied still would make it easier for you. I imagine all those kick would be tiring for you”

She smiled upon hearing him have concern for her as most men only thought of themselves in these situations.

“You’re right it does make it easier so I can enjoy causing the rupture and the male benefits from feeling a complete punishment. Not only that but when the man is tied up kicking the testicles can continue after they rupture and go on until they are kicked pretty much flat. At the end all the inners are kicked out and the testicles wall remains like a deflated soccer ball. And if done properly this can take over an hour”

Trying to hide how nervous he was he took a step closer to the frame for a better look. Turning back to Charley he replied “You sound like quite the expert. I should be grateful you will be the one punishing me. I can’t deny that I have broken a rule and must face a very severe punishment”

Alex moved next to the frame so he could look up and down it. He admired the efficiency of the device that would be used to make him feel justice. The wood was thick, strong and would easily hold him. The many straps would secure him as well. Upon this device he would face punishment.

Charley walked over to him putting her hand on his shoulder as they both admired the frame. “Are you scared at all being so close to the device that you will be tied too?”

He nodded slowly as he picked up one of the straps in his hand. “I am scared. It will be very painful and life changing. I’m very scared but I know I have broken a rule and must be fully punished no matter how harshly. We both have to do our part”

He turned to look at her and continued “I must allow myself to be restrained and you must make sure I am correctly punished. We must both do our parts in this. We are two adults with responsibilities and a common goal. There is nothing more to it”

She liked what he had said. She liked how he made it sounded like she was doing a great service. Charley smiled warmly running her hand from his shoulder down his arm. “I see it that way as well. I want to work with you to make sure you are punished fairly. You seem like a nice guy but we need to do this. I like the idea of us working together”

“Me too I must pay the price for my mistake” He replied.

“In that case Alex can I ask you to take of your clothes so we can make a start?” 

She moved a little closer in a comforting way. She closed in so her nipples brushed against him. Normally this would be very exciting for Alex but his mind was on other things.

“Yes Charley” He replied as he put down his backpack.

Charley watched as Alex removed his clothes to reveal a well-kept body underneath. She liked what his saw but waited to see the main attraction, his balls.

As he removed his pants she was delighted to see his testicle were large and hung well in the sac. She enjoyed it much more when breaking larger balls so was keen to get started now.

Alex thought it was strange how he now felt vulnerable in front of her despite her being virtually naked the whole time in front of him. Then with the last of his clothes gone he stood up in front of her.

She gestured with her hand for him to step back to the frame and said “Just rest your back on the frame while I get you locked in”

He stood against the frame as requested and looked down as first she tied his ankles in placed. The leather straps were thick and were more than enough to hold him. Next she applied two straps above his knees. Now he was held with his legs apart.

He started to feel the fear build as she reached around him to find the two points on a large belt that she wrapped around his stomach. After that she locked a similar belt in place around his chest.
The belts were firm but still let him breathe. Then finally she walked around the back to bind his wrists together. Then after that it was done, he was restrained on the frame. He was fully bound with his legs apart and he soon realised he could not move his body more than a centimetre or so. He was now fully at her mercy to be punished.

The breeze blew cool air over his hanging balls adding to his sense of exposure. He was perfectly positioned to pay for his crime. 

He felt scared, vulnerable and powerless but as he processed his situation he tried to tell himself it was ok. He had broken a rule and there was no way he could avoid the fact he needed to be punished, he almost wanted it. He knew this must happen and that it was perfectly legal and correct. 

As he looked forward trying to contain his fear Alex looked on at him. He was presented excellently to her with his balls very accessible. She looked forward to breaking them and feeling them smash against her foot. She loved ballbusting and especially loved it when she could cause some damage.

Charley took off her shoes so she was bare foot. Alex saw her pained nails as her feet rested on the dirt floor. The clearing around the frame was free from debris so she was safe to be without shoes. Standing before him she could sense his anticipation. She said in an official tone “The management of this park empower me to apply punishment to any man who breaks a rule. I am to restrain the male so I can apply a fair and reasonable punishment to him. This is just about you paying a fair price. This is not about hate or anger in fact, I actually like you Alex. Do you understand”

He breathed in “Yes I understand”

“For the crimes of trespassing, entering a no male zone, loitering with intent, conspiring to spy on women and as you claimed your trespass was an accident I will add the charge of resisting legitimate punishment for a crime. For all this I have no choice but the sentence you to have your testicles kicked until they both rupture and are totally destroyed. You are to be castrated in a way designed to be very painful. But of course if you feel this punishment is not totally fair you can appeal. Do you wish to appeal?”

He thought for a moment as he looked around. He knew there was no appeal, she said so herself. He took a deep breath and answered “No I do not wish to appeal this sentence. I agree it is fair and would like to thank you for recording all my crimes. I would like to thank you for catching me and now taking the time to ensure I am correctly punished. It was lucky I ran into you”

With a small grin she asked “Are you sure you don’t to run and try to find a cell phone signal to spare your testicles? Feeling them being kicked until they rupture will be hell for you. Just imagine the pain as the outer wall of one tears open”

 He pondered for a moment then said what any good man should “I accept your judgement and thank you for it. I deserve to be castrated”

He was hesitant but believed what he was saying. He accepted he must be punished and she had the right to say how. Alex had a sense of duty that compelled him to support her in her decision. He knew rupture would be painful but would not dream of doing anything to prevent it. Like any good man he wanted to pay for his crime. Her offer to let him run to call her boss got him thinking but he would never do it. He would never stand in the way of what she was about to do to him and had no idea why any man ever would.

He could feel his heart beating as he stood before her in position. His testicles felt so exposed but soon they would feel pain, soon he would feel justice.

Charley put her hand on his chest affectionately. “You’re a good man Alex. I’m going to enjoy this. Are you ready to be punished”

With confidence Alex replied “I am ready to be punished”

Charley stood in front of him and lined herself up. She slowly raised her right leg until her foot touched the underside of his testicles. As she did this she could feel the two orbs that she was going to destroy. It was like they were gift wrapped for her.

She moved her foot up so it was just under his balls. She pushed into them and watched the testicles bounce. Alex took short breaths as she played with him. He could feel the warmth from her smooth foot, the last kind sensation he would feel from them.

She lowered her leg and the pair looked at each other. Him the criminal willing to pay for his crime and her the bringer of justice. Charley thought it was wrong how some people saw what she was about to do to him as cruel or brutal. She saw this as two people dealing with a crime in a correct way. She did not try to hide her enjoyment of rupture or the fact that her enjoyment was the reason why she was going to rupture his testicles. But still it was all correct and legal. She saw what she was about to do to him as something positive, good and helpful.

Then suddenly she launched her leg forward connecting her foot with his testicles. 


Her first kick was a good one connecting with both balls. Alex pushed his head back closing his eyes as the pain sank in.

Another good connection. She saw a momentary tensing of his muscles as her foot connected.


She liked how his big balls felt on her foot. She could actually feel them flattening out as she trapped his right testicle against his body.


He continued to hold his head up and pain filled him.



He groaned as her foot landed on his balls. Despite her being bare foot she was expertly applying plenty of force to his testicles.


Clenching his fists together he felt totally trapped by the straps binding him. He was held perfectly still as he felt justice being applied to him.


Charley landed another one. After each kick she paused, waited for the testicle to drop back down and watched his reaction to the pain. She waited for the testicle to be together in the sac so her kick would strike both of them. This made for a more painful kick.



He continued to groan as he held his head up with his eyes closed. Even after only a few kicks his balls were in constant pain. He tried to think about his crime and what lead to him needing punishment. I deserve this and should thank Charley for this He thought to himself before another kick broke his concentration. 


Charley was loving the feeling of his testicles on her foot. She was keen to see them swell up and see how big she could get them. She loved working a pair of testicles and was having a great time. She made no effort to him her smile as she launched her kicks on him. 

As the kicks continued she maintained her smile and she watched his balls take pain. Alex continued to look up and his whole body tensed as each kick landed. As the kicks went on his balls reddened and his groans grew louder.

On the twenty fifth kick she stopped “WOW! That was 25 good kicks Alex. Your balls are swelling up nicely”

She put her hands on her knees bending her body as she caught her breath.

He too was taking deep breaths still struggling with the pain. He lowered his head and looked at her panting and smiling in front of him.

“You are defiantly very skilled”

She walked up to him so her face was in front of his. While she stared at him she cupped his balls in her hand. The straps holding him down creaked as he drew breaths.

She said “You know I’m not going to rupture these testicles just because it fits your crime, don’t you? Like I said before I like to rupture testicles for a hobby and I am going to rupture your balls for my pleasure. I mean you do need to be punished but I want to pop these balls for fun. Do you still agree with my decision now?”

He nodded “I do. I broke a rule and you have the right to punish me however you desire. You also have every right to enjoy your job and this job is no exception. I hope you enjoy what you are doing to me if that is the case. I still agree with your decision to castrate me. This is still a perfectly legal castration after all”

She liked his answer and considered it before replying “I just wondered what your thoughts were. But you’re right Alex. You do need to be punished. I still think what I am doing to you is something positive that we should both support. I hope the pain helps you to learn from your mistake as it punishes you for your crime. I just want to be honest about my motives behind the decision to castrate you”

“I respect your honesty and support your decision. If I have done anything to make you feel guilty about your decision to rupture my testicles for your pleasure then I’m very sorry. I am and I do still see this as a positive thing. You should be proud of what you’re doing”

Alex actually felt better now and liked the honesty. He thought it would make there interactions easier and part of him was not sure why she did not tell him from the start the reason for her deciding to rupture his testicles.

She smiled at him “Thank you for understanding Alex”

She then hugged him as he was still on the frame. Alex was surprised by this but welcomed it all the same. He could feel her nipples on his chest which he liked. She felt so warm to him.

She pulled back like she had been hugging and old friend. Alex’s eye quickly glanced her firm breasts.

“It’s getting on” She said “It would be best if we could have the castration completed before it gets dark. These things can take a few hours you see. Ready to continue?”

“Yes Charley”

She got back in position, took aim and launched her leg.



This time he looked right at her as he felt her kick.


As her foot struck he closed his eyes and tensed his body in response to the pain. During the break his pain had faded but thanks to her well placed kicks it was now back. Alex now felt even better about being punished for his crime now he knew what she had said.


He saw her smiling as she compressed one of his testicles against his body. As the testicle compressed he felt a sudden sharp pain in the core of it.


She continued her work breaking him and noticed his balls were swelling up. Seeing them swell excited her and made her want to hurt them more. She was excited to see them pop.

Alex tossed his head side to side as the pain grew. The aching in his testicles became worse so his pain was now high constantly, not just when feeling her foot. First he would feel a burst of pain when her foot connected with his balls then another one as they pressed against his body. After that the testicles would return to the bottom of the sac so they could be kicked again.

Charley had always liked this about testicles, the way they returned after a kick in a way that was almost helping her. This was why she favored kicking the testicles to damage them. She continued happily.


Alex felt another dose of justice flow thru him as he continued to pay for his crime. He tried to move his legs but they were bound still as the was tied to the frame..


Charley delivered the 40th kick then heard the sound of someone coming. Alex was in too much pain to notice and as Charley turned around he continued to suffer. Looking down the path Charley saw a woman approach who she soon recognised.

Charley called out “Hey Emma. I thought I heard someone back there”

Alex looked up to see a young lady appear wearing hiking boots and a bikini. She had blond hair and a curvy figure like Charley’s. She waved affectionately at Charley and called out “Yeah it’s me. I was walking by and heard something going on so I came to look” 

The woman saw Alex bound to the frame with swollen balls and added “I see are entertaining a guest”

Charley nodded “Yeah I caught him on the trail and brought him back here for punishment”

Emma walked closer to Alex who remained silent. He still felt pain from her kicks as Emma looked at his balls. “Looks like you’ve caused a bit of damage to them”

Emma turned to Charley and said in a lowered voice “Are you going to castrate him?”

Charley smiled “Yeah I’m going to rupture both testicles then kick them flat as well. It is the only fair way to deal with him”

“Good it’s important the men are correctly punished. Did this one walk past that sign that blew away?”

Charley nodded “Yeah he didn’t know he was trespassing but he must be punished either way. I’ll fix that sign eventually”

“There’s no rush on that” Emma replied “How is he taking it? Does he think the punishment is fair?”
Charley shrugged “Why not ask him?”


As she turned to him Alex cleared his throat. Emma asked “Do you think this is fair?”

He responded with hesitation “Yes I do. I broke the rules and even if it was an accident I must be punished. Luckily Charley found me so I could face castration as punishment”

Smiling Emma nodded “Good answer”

Charley called out “Hey Emma you’re here for that disk aren’t you? I’ll go get it”

“One sec” Said Emma “If you don’t Mind Charley….. I have a new assistant at work and I will need to discipline him. I’ve not done much ballbusting myself but I was reading about a hand crush grip. Do you mind if I try it out on him”

Alex stayed quiet as Charley nodded “Sure give ‘em a squeeze” Then she walked into the cabin.

Emma smiled nervously as she cupped his balls. Looking down she felt them but was not quite sure of how to grip them. She then looked up nervously making eye contact with Alex “I’m sorry I haven’t done this before”

Alex assured her “It’s ok. It’s just us so don’t worry. I’ll tell you what to do”

“Thanks” Replied Emma.

“Just hook your thumb and index finger of your right hand around my testicles. Make sure there bunched together” 

Emma did as she was told and separated his balls and hand them bunched together in his hand.

“Good” Said Alex. “Just like that now you have them, when you are ready, squeeze my balls as hard as you can. It’s important to squeeze hard to make the punishment more effective”

She looked up as she moved her fingers around his balls. They looked into each other eyes as she prepared to squeeze. “Am I holding them right?”

Alex nodded “Yes now crush them hard. Remember you are doing this as a punishment so you are trying to damage my balls”

Alex leaned his head back as her grip increased. He felt the tightness grow as his balls were pressed together. Her soft hands soon felt like the grips of a vice. 


He called out as she crushed him as hard as she could. Emma had a smile on her face and was clearly having fun as she hurt him. Harder still she squeezed putting as much force on the balls as she could. She could feel them crushing as they lost the battle with her hands.

Emma held her grip for nearly a minute before releasing his balls.

After she released them Alex panted for breath. She clamped both her hands together “How did I do?” She said excitedly.

He had a tear in his eye as he looked back at her. “Very good. Your grip was excellent. I would recommend at least three like that when punishing a man. More if you wish to hurt him”

“Ok. Thanks for that but……” She looked apprehensive all of a sudden. “But what if the man tries to get out of it?”

Alex took a breath. He could move his chest to breath and that was about it. The frame held the rest of him still as he spoke to the young lady.

“That is unacceptable for a man to do that. If he even hesitates tell him you will give him even more crushes. Then after that he’ll soon listen to you”

Emma looked happier again “Will do thanks. Any other crushes I could do?”

After taking a few breaths Alex thought for a moment. As he considered the question the wind brushed through the leaves breaking the silence. 

“Yes. Still holding the testicles with your thumb and finger as before”

“Yes” She nodded.

“Next use your knuckles on your other hand and place a knuckle over the centre of a testicle. Then push into the testicle hard so you feel the shape of the ball change. As before be harsh and try to damage the testicles”

“OK I’ll try” She responded.

She placed the hard knuckle over his soft ball then pushed into it as hard as she could.
Alex grit his teeth feeling the pain build in his right testicle as her knuckle pushed deeper.  She felt his ball budge out as she mis-shaped it. Pushing harder yet still he cried out tossing his head side to side.


Emma could feel the smooth, tight testicle wall under the skin. Her knuckle moved slightly on the surface as she maintained the pressure.  The testicle pushed back and reminded her of when she pushed into a soccer ball and it would push back.

Seeing the man in pain Emma really felt like she was damaging the testicle. This feeling she decided was good. When she needed to punish a man she needed to cause damage as that would be what the man was expecting. Then as before she released him only when her hand tired.

As she let go of his testicles and they returned to the bottom of his sack he drew deep breaths. In and out he gulped air.

Alex lifted his head “Wow that hurt”
“Did I do ok?”

“Yes you did very well. The pressure was very painful”

“Shall I do your other testicle?”

“If you like Emma”

She gripped his balls and repeated the process on his other testicle. Alex felt like the ball could tear in half or explode at the point where she pushed in. Again all he could do was cry out from the pain.


The gut wrenching pain consumed him as she grinded her knuckle into the ball. The pressure went right to the core of the testicle and hurt immensely. He pulled on the restraints holding him down but could not move. Alex was relieved when after a couple of minutes she let go.

He panted for breath on the frame as tears rolled out of his eyes. His balls throbbed with a deep aching pain from the crush. Emma smiled pleased with her work. She stood back to admire him when Charley came back out. Alex looked over to watch her breasts bounce as she walked down the few steps out of the cabin with CD in her hand.

“I found the disk with all are photos on it. How did you get on with Alex?”

“It was fun, I squeezed hard and it felt great”

Passing Emma the disk Charley was pleased. “Glad you had fun. Do you want to stay want watch the castration? I’ll be kicking his testicles until they rupture”

“Sorry I have to go but I can watch the next one. You have fun and I’ll see you later on”

“See you next time” Responded Charley as Emma walked off very pleased with herself.

Alex could still feel pain in his balls from the cruelty that had been done to them. He even felt sore around the restrains from where he had pulled on them. He saw Charley looked a little disappointed Emma had gone.

Charley still had no bikini top on and one part of all this Alex had liked was the view of her round breasts. They bounced slowly as she walked over to him.

“I heard what you said to Emma as she crushed your testicles. It was nice of you to support her, you didn’t have to do that so thank you”

“It’s ok she was a nice person and I was just trying to help”

“It was very nice of you. She has been struggling to get the confidence to even kick a man’s balls let alone squeeze them. You really helped her”

“It’s ok Charley I can see you work very hard out here and I have caused trouble for you so I wanted to help. I also want you to see I accept responsibility for my mistake and also agree with your decision. I don’t hate you for this punishment, I deserve it”

“Some man may not think that way about what I’m going to do to you. I am going to rupture your testicles very slowly to cause you pain”

“I am a bit scared about what you will do but I know you need too. I broke a rule so I must be punished and luckily you found me. Now all you are doing is applying the correct punishment for the offence so I could not be upset at you. I’m actually grateful Charley”

“You saying that does make it easier. Thanks”

She ran her eyes down his body tied to the frame. His arms were still held firmly behind his back and his legs were parted. She cupped his balls and noticed they had swollen up. Looked up at his she asked “How are your balls feeling?”

“They are sore from the kicks and squeezing. They still hurt now”

With a look of sincerity she asked “Is there anything I can get you before we continue with the punishment? A drink or anything?”

“I’m ok”

“Shall I continue kicking then?”


Like a loving couple preparing to dance they both readied themselves. She got in position so she could kick his testicles. He closed his eyes tightly and looked upward as he prepared for pain. She was ready to administer justice and he was ready to feel it.

She took aim at his balls and launched her foot forward.


He opened his mouth at the sudden pain crying out 


He could feel where her foot had struck a bruise on one of his testicles. The squeezing had damaged tissue inside the testicle that now felt a full force kick. The pain was now going to be much worse for him.

She watched for a moment as he suffered then lined up another one.



His eyes opened as his head fell back down. Through tear filled eyes he looked at her. His bottom lip 
quivered as she launched her leg forward.



He cried out again from the damaging kick. His body shook as pain gripped his stomach like a giant 
hand inside him. He took a few troubled breaths as another kick was readied.



He cried out loudly as more tears flowed down his face. Now his testicles were bigger he could feel them compressing against his body. He could actually feel the testicles flatten out as then were pressed. And each time they were pressed he felt a sharp, ripping pain inside the testicles. That sharp pain caused the tears.


Charley saw his legs tensing up wildly on the restraints. Not just straight after the kick but as the pain flowed in him. She could now feel his testicles were larger as she kicked them. And their bigger size meant she could feel them flatten out as she kicked them and pushed them against his body.


Again she landed her foot on his balls and could feel them compress on her foot. This feeling was why she preferred bare foot kicking.

With a steady pace she continued the punishment. She landed kick after kick on his increasingly damaged testicles. He was showing ever increasing signs of pain and despair as the punishment continued. In the past she had felt pity for men as they were being castrated but now she saw this as part of the suffering they deserved. This was justice.

Feeling the assault on his balls Alex could not control himself. He pulled on the restraints and tossed his head side to side. Tears flowed down his face as the tearing pain increased in his balls. He tried to remind himself that this was all deserved but the pain was now so high it did little good.

Both people lost count of the number of kicks. After a time the sun was lower in the sky casting a long shadow from the kicking frame that held Alex. His cries were now constant and Charley could see his balls had swollen to an incredible size. Stepping forward she held them in her hands as he panted for air. She allied pressure to them with her forefinger and thumb. They were defiantly softer now.

The balls also felt warmer and the surface of the testicles had slight bumps from the more severe bruises. Experience told her they would soon rupture so she enjoyed handling his testicles knowing this was as large as they would get. She held them almost with care as she inspected them. He just whimpered with his eyes closed while she held the testicles.

Charley saw he was breathing heavily but opened his eyes to look at her. She said “How are you taking it Alex?”

He gulped down more air and replied “It hurts so much…….. The pain of it is so …….. Much”

“But this is all part of your punishment. You do still agree with this punishment don’t you?”

Another tear fell from one of his eyes over his reddened cheek. “Yes…. Of course I do” He paused a moment “You enjoy this don’t you”

She nodded with a smile “Yes castrating men in this way is a hobby of mine. So I sentence men to castration as punishment even for small crimes like I have done with you. You’re ok with that aren’t you?

He nodded “Yes of course. You have every right to select whatever……… Whatever punishment you like. I just saw you enjoying yourself as you kicked me. Do you mind if I ask what you like about it?”

She was surprised by the question but thought about it for a moment “I like the pain the man feels and actually feeling a testicle rupture. I love it when a ball actually pops. It’s a huge rush and it’s a fun hobby. So I do it as often as I can. Plus it is a very painful thing to do to a man so it makes an excellent punishment. I feel it’s important to punish a man harshly to maintain order. And if you’re being honest I’m sure you’ll agree it is a very effective punishment”

“It is very painful. Wow! It hurts a lot. So yes, I must agree with you”

“I do enjoy kicking the balls until they rupture as a way to do it. It’s the most fun way for me and it takes a while so you benefit from more pain. Tying you up like this with your legs apart means I can work without worrying about you falling down or anything. It forces you to stand up and feel kick by kick as your testicles are slowly destroyed. So you really experience the punishment and learn from it. But what do you think about my decision to painfully castrate you? Honestly”

“Well to be honest I did think it was a bit harsh given how my crime was accidental. But I accept the decision and hope you still carry it out on me. I do deserve to be punished and you can select that punishment. I’m still very grateful that you found me and that you have made me face punishment. I was very lucky to have been caught by you and I’m glad you choose castration. I need to be severely punished and its good you have done that…… But I am scared and it will be painful but I deserve it. I think what you are doing to me is the right course of action”

“It’s good you agree with the sentence. I am going to rupture your testicles for my pleasure but you did commit a crime so it’s ok really. I do love castrating men but I want it to be fair”

“This is fair Charley” He replied.

After that both of them felt better about the punishment. He was more accepting and she felt very positive about it. Charley wasn’t even sure why she felt guilty at all. This was of course a perfectly legal punishment and he was guilty of a crime. Castration by kicking the balls is a well-documented procedure and was even promoted as a great way to punish a man. This punishment was a good thing.
After looking at his balls she asked “How are your balls feeling?”

“They hurt a lot. It’s a deep cutting pain as well as the throbbing. It really hurts”

She held them softly in her hand “When I resume the punishment it won’t be long until they start to rupture. First you’ll probably feel a small tear in the wall of a testicle. The pain will then really increase but don’t worry. Just focus on breathing and I’ll continue the punishment. After one first tears each kick will widen the tear and start to push the insides out of the testicle. Doing this totally destroys them. I’ll leave long gaps between the kicks to prolong the torture so it should last about an hour after the first rupture”

“I understand Charley. Thank you”

Charley stood in front of him and took aim at his swollen balls. Alex prepared to feel pain.


Her foot connected with his balls pressing them against his body. He tossed his head side to side and cried out from the pain.


Charley could really feel the difference in size of his testicles and she kicked them. This was more noticeable as they were being compressed against his body.



He cried out from the pain as he felt the flesh inside his ball rip. His whole body shook as he screamed. Charley just took a step back and watched him response to pain. She let him experience the pain of that kick before giving him another.


The testicles obediently absorbed the force of the kick before returning to the bottom of his sac so they would be best positioned to feel another kick.


His screaming was constant as was his thrashing on the restraints. But she could feel his balls were 
getting close to rupture.


Charley landed another well placed kick on his damaged balls. She knew it was only a matter of time.


They took another one. Soon it will happen.


And again they took the impact.

Charley took aim, took a breath then launched her foot.


This time as her foot struck she could feet both balls compress but his left one lost its strength. She felt the testicle give way as it ruptured. It was an unmistakable feeling and one she enjoyed. She felt such a rush after feeling the testicle pop.

He was shaking with his eyes wide open as he felt the pain. Tears fell from his eyes as the pain flowed through him.

She smiled “There we go. I got the first one to pop. Now you can experience the pain of rupture”

He didn’t reply, he couldn’t reply. He was overwhelmed by the splitting pain in his left testicle. Charley stepped forward to hold his balls again. She selected his left testicle and ran her finger over it to find the point where it had split. She soon found the tear in the testicle wall and pushed her finger into it.


He screamed as she pushed on the ruptured ball which she enjoyed. This was her favourite part of the punishment.

After a minute his breathing regained some rhythm. She asked “Are you ok?”

He just nodded his head slightly. He was in a level of pain he did not know was possible. It was really dad but he knew he deserved it. A large part of him wanted her to continue.

“Great then we’ll continue with the punishment. I’m not done with your balls yet”

She stood in position and launched another kick at his balls.


His whole body convulsed as he felt the rip in his left testicle widen. He could actually feel it grow as it tore open. The pain was like nothing else he had experienced before but he knew it was deserved.
Charley was very pleased with the progress and paused to enjoy his suffering. She felt his broken balls squish in a bit more which was a feeling she loved. While this was a punishment where he was being punished for a legitimate reason she took great pleasure in it. But she did, make sure justice was fairly dished out. She never forgot that the man in front of her was undergoing a procedure to discipline him.

She took aim at his bruised sac, targeting the damaged testicles.


He immediately tensed up but was so gripped by pain he did not scream. Instead a quiet wine left his mouth as a result of the kick.

She felt his one good testicle squeeze under pressure but the ruptured one tore open yet more. Alex could feel the tear on the testicle that was now nearly the length of it. The tear was also now quite wide exposing the testicle internal structures.

Charley pushed her hair back behind her ears smiling at her progress. She loved doing this to men and also felt good about how she was helping to keep order in the country by administering these punishments.

Alex felt the pain grip his whole body like a large hand crushing him. He could feel his testicles and how they were breaking apart. Yet still he knew this was the right course of action. If he could speak he would have no problem extending his thanks to Charley for doing this to him.
She aimed again.


Most of the force went on his already ruptured left testicle which crushed it flat. He felt tearing in his left testicle as a rupture opened on the other side and the internals of the testicle was forced out. The testicle was now destroyed.

After a minute of him struggling Charley said “Looks like we have finished of your left testicle. I’m sure you can now feel this but a wonderful thing about testicles is even after they are ripped apart they can still feel pain. So you will still benefit from your left testicle. You can still feel it can’t you?”

He eyes were closed tight but he managed a nod “Yes………….”

“Good now let’s continue the punishment”

 He nodded again.

Seeing his pain she placed her hand softly on his cheek “I know you’re in pain Charley but this is the fair punishment. It will be over soon ok. I just have to finish you off”

He nodded.

She stood back and took aim.


This time she could only feel his left testicle as it compressed from the impact. She watching him for a few minutes not wanting to end this too quickly.


Again the testicle compressed.

Charley watched him as a cool breeze blew through moved leaves on the ground. She felt a chill on her legs as he struggled to draw breaths. Tied to the kicking frame he let his head fall forward, the pain had defeated him long ago.


He tensed up from the kick but Charley knew the testicle was still whole.


His eyes opened wide and for a second their eyes locked as at the same time, She felt his right testicle give way and he felt it rupture. The force continued to tear the testicle open as they shared this brief moment.


He cried out tossing his head side to side from the pain as she looked at his sac. Gone where the familiar round orbs replaced by some lumps where the broken testicles protruded. 

Charley nearly giggled as she again, felt the rush of popping a testicle. He also felt pride in her work and was pleased by what she had done to the man.

She gave him five minutes to calm down before saying “That was the last one Alex. But I just have to make sure its destroyed before we can stop”

He managed a quick nod. He was relieved to hear the end was close.

Alex closed his eyes as she took aim.


This time she felt her foot hit his body with nothing to cushion the impact. But it did not fail to cause pain.


Another kick connected with his body but she did feel a small amount of pressure from his right testicle as she squished it. Standing in front of his she suspected both balls were now ruined. She stepped forward holding his sac and felt around it. She could feel small lumps but nothing of size.
Charley was happy he had been castrated correctly.

She went into the cabin while he suffered on the frame to collect a clamp. It was a long thin clamp that consisted of two arms. She used the clamp to crush the cords going to the testicles to stop the blood flow. She pulled down on his sac, closed the clamp and then screwed it tight.

She then stood as he calmed down. Slowly the feeling faded in his sac as what was left of his testicles lost blood flow.

He started breathing normally and looked up at her. He still thought she was beautiful standing there in just her bikini bottoms with her large breasts on display.

“Is it over?” He asked.

“Yes Alex. You have been successfully castrated. How do you feel”

“The pain is less now……. But I’m ok. I’m glad its over and thank you charley. Thank you for all you have done”

“You’re welcome Alex. You took it well”

“Wow! It still hurts. But I’m glad we did that. I needed to be punished but doing it just feels right”

“Yes you defiantly did, you broke a rule. But most of the reason I castrated you was for my pleasure
but I think the punishment still fits for the crime. Do you think that?’

“Yes, I mean I will miss life without balls but it was perfectly reasonable of you to castrate me like this. It was a fair punishment”

“Well it nice you agree Alex"

I do agree and now I have been fortunate enough to experience castration I cant see how any man would not want to be punished this way"

"My thoughts exactly. I had a great time castrating you but we should get to the hospital. I’ll untie you then drop you off. I have to meet some friends at a bar so I’ll just leave you there”

He nodded “Ok Charley. Thank you for what you have done”